How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social networking site where the users post personal information and photos that can be liked by double-tapping on it. Instagram also features a direct messaging utility through which you can chat with your friends and communicate freely. 

One of the most common questions asked about Instagram is whether you can see someone else’s activity on it or not. If you are how to track someone’s activity on Instagram, this article can be useful for you. Here we will discuss the several ways in which you can see someone else’s activity on Instagram easily.

  • Part 1: Firstly Know What Instagram Activities Can We Check
  • Part 2: How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram Without Following Them
  • Part 3: KidsGuard Pro – A Comprehensive Instagram Activity Spy App

Part 1: Firstly Know What Instagram Activities Can We Check from Our Friends

As discussed above, many people want to check the activity on someone else’s Instagram. The reasons can be anything from trying to make sure your child safe to checking on your partner if they are being dishonest with you.  Before learning the ways to check someone’s Instagram activity, we are going to tell you that what activities can you check on. 

1.1 How to See When Someone Started Following Someone on Instagram 2020

There are two different ways in which you can check who followed the one you want to monitor. The one is you can tap the profile then you can see all the followers there. If you want to check the following time for each, the only way is by checking the activities under the Heart icon. Here you can see when someone started following someone on Instagram, but you cannot find all the followers out from here.

track when someone started following someone on instagram

1.2 How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram

Before 2019, if you followed someone on Instagram, you could see their activities from the “Following” section. However, in the month of October in 2019, this feature was removed from Instagram. Therefore, you cannot find out what someone likes on Instagram anymore through this method.

However, if you still want to know how to see likes on Instagram, you can go to a specific post and check if they have liked the post. You can even log in to their account to check their activity, and this is only possible if you have their username and password.

1.3 How to See Someone’s Activity Status on Instagram

If you are connected with someone on Instagram and communicate with them through Instagram’s DM feature, you can easily see their activity status. When you go to the DM feature on Instagram, if you see a green dot in front of their name, that would mean that they are active on Instagram.

When you go to a particular user’s DM chat box, you can even see when they were last active and also if they are typing a message to send you. Through the conversation, you can even get to know if they are active in the chat or in the camera.

Part 2: How to See Someone’s Activity on Instagram Without Following Them

Although the above solutions may seem to work in most of the cases to check someone’s Instagram activity, they all need to you physical access to the target device to check or even need the account info. This is why there is a need for a more effective and easy solution to check someone’s Instagram activity. KidsGuard Pro is such an app that can check someone’s Instagram activity remotely. When you use this app, you don’t even have to follow the person whose activity you wish to track on Instagram.

Here is how you can check someone’s Instagram activities without their account.

Step 1: Create a KidsGuard Pro account using a valid email ID. And then buy a plan according to your needs. When you successfully got a licensed account, then you will get to the My Products page, where you can check the detailed guide on how to download and install this wonderful app.

Step 2: By clicking the Setup Guide button, you can know that you should download the app from, and install KidsGuard Pro by following the onscreen instructions to adjust and modify settings on the target device.

download kidguard pro app

Step 3: After the successful configuration,  just log into your account through any device’s browser and monitor the Instagram in real-time.

  • Check all the Instagram conversations without hacking their account.
  • Automatically take a screenshot on target’s Instagram to see which posts they liked or commented.
  • Check the private Instagram profile without verification.
  • See someone’s posts, comments, likes and other activities.
 check someoen’s instagram with kidsguard pro

With just these three simple steps, you can effectively monitor someone else’s Instagram activity without them getting to know about it. So easy! Next we are going to introduce in details that how KidsGuard Pro spying on Instagram. >>Try KidsGuard Pro Now

Part 3: KidsGuard Pro – A Comprehensive Instagram Activity Spy App

KidsGuard Pro is an excellent app to track and monitor someone else’s activity on Instagram with ease.  But how does it check every type of data? Here are the introductions of the features, which help you in doing it.

Check Instagram likes and comments

When you use this app, you can see what the user likes and comments of different posts on Instagram. You do not even have to follow the Instagram user to do this. All you have to do is download KidsGuard Pro, and you will have access to the information regarding what they like and comment on Instagram.

Check Ins posts (even the archived posts )

Sometimes, you may get worried about what kind of posts your kids are checking and posting and whether it is appropriate for their age. If this has been your constant worry, you can use KidsGuard Pro app and easily see the posts shared by an Instagram user without them getting to know.

Check direct messages

Instagram has its own private direct messaging feature through which the users on Instagram can privately share messages, photos, and videos with whomever they like. When you install KidsGuard Pro on their devices, you can monitor their conversations and check if the content they share between their friends is appropriate or not.

check instagram direct messages with kidsguard pro

Check the usage time

These days, almost everyone is overly dependent on their cell phones and more so on social networking sites like Instagram. Too much of anything can adversely affect your health and well being. If you are concerned about your kid spending too much time on such a social networking site, you can get to know the total Instagram usage time through KidsGuard Pro.

check instagram usage time with kidsguard pro

Instant screenshot

There might be a time when you would want to instantly know what a target user is doing currently on their Instagram account. When you want to do this, you can use the KidsGuard Pro app to take an instant screenshot of the target user’s device. This will not send any notification to the target.

take a screenshot on instagram with kidsguard pro

Stealth mode functioning

All the above effective Instagram activity monitoring features can be accessed by you and used by you without the target device owner getting to know about it. You have to access the target device once to install the app, after which it goes incognito and functions in stealth mode.

Why Should You Choose KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro is one of the most ideal apps for Instagram activity monitoring. Here are a few reasons why you must pick this app.

  • Easy operation – with only 3 steps and clear official guide
  • Stealth running mode : 100% will not send any notification
  • Exact & multiple data capture
  • Wide user base with high level of trust
  • Safe data policy
  • Free updates: The app provide with free updates for further features upgrading
  • Endow with many other cell phone monitoring features like location tracking, keylogger and other social media tracking. 

I believe that here you can get a comprehensive understanding on KidsGuard pro Instagram activity tracker, if you still have any question about this app, why not check in advance to see how it works!


Through this article, you can now effectively track someone’s activity on Instagram. Using KidsGuard Pro turns out to be a very useful on  how to track someone’s activity on Instagram. Through this app, you can check almost every activity of the target user on Instagram without their knowledge. Due to these reasons, this app is highly recommended for Instagram activity monitoring.

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