Industrial management systems (ICS/SCADA) are now the prime target for cyber attackers seeking to compromise the production base and public utilities.

The gift of previous embedded Microsoft® operational systems gives attackers a well-protected supported provision to launch their attack and establish “backdoors” to compromise the enterprise systems.

Over the past 5 years, cyber security has become a prime corporate issue among the manufacturing industries for chief executive officers, their team and therefore the board of administrators.

Manufacturing sector firms, despite seeing a reduction in attacks and security incidents in 2016 still experienced a number of the foremost serious and compromising attacks.

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ICS/SCADA Attack report

TrapX submitted an exciting report on the attack over ICS and SCADA security with real world examples. Many cyber attackers tend to use generic cyber attack tools and normal malware.

They may Use a well developed socially built attack however within the finish, have faith in normal attack vectors. They use target manufacturing units directly, however, don’t demonstrate or utilize any special data of the commercial method management systems.

Industrial management Systems vendors are followed by several documented vulnerabilities that are currently freely out there on the Internet from numerous sources.

The vulnerabilities cover backdoors, lack of authentication and coding, and weak password storage schemes that might permit attackers to achieve access to the systems and so compromise them.

“Air gaps” are eminent than not, however, don’t guarantee the security of the ICS network. Information from their security operations center shows that these methods fail. This is often a typical theme visible inside the installations reviewed by our security operations team and TrapX Labs personnel. Social engineering targeted towards your personal or those of your vendors and suppliers will jump the “air gap.” Says TrapX

Old normal operational systems like Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows 2000 are widely distributed among the worldwide ICS production base.

These operating systems are out of date and there are no fixes for several renowned attack vectors. They’re targets of selection for attackers.

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