1.3 Million Indian’s Credit/Debit Card Data Available to Sale on Underground Darkweb Market

A huge database of more than 1.3 Credit and Debit Cards data put up for sale on Joker’s Stash, an infamous carding bazar that served as a distribution point for compromised payment card details.

The Joker’s Stash market associated with several retail breaches, when a breach occurs it is the first place where the customer’s payment card data offered for sale.

Group-IB spotted the database with the name “INDIA-MIX-NEW-01” uploaded to Joker’s Stash on October 28. The total value of the database estimated at more than $130 million.

Similarly, In August, GBHackers reported that over 1 million payment card records that stolen from south Korea sold on the dark web market for the past few months and the price fixed approximately $24.


We have also reported another incident in last month about the largest underground store “BriansClub,” for buying stolen credit cards got hacked, over 26 million credit and debit card data extracted from the underground store.

These Incidents are indicating the lack of security protocol implemented in the bank network and some time thrid party companies data breach let attackers steal the credit/debit card data that eventually comes to sale in the underground dark web market.

Database With Credit and Debit Card Details

According to the “Group-IB” report that shared with “GBHackers On Security”, the database with the name “INDIA-MIX-NEW-01” contains only the credit and debit card dumps, the database holds Track 1 and Track 2 records.

By having the track 1 and track 2 records, it is enough for processing payment through payment cards. The Magnetic stripes on the payment cards are divided into three tracks, track 1 & track 2 are actively used in payment processing and track 3 is rarely used. Here you find more details on Magnetic Stripe Card Standards.

According to the Group-IB’s analysis on the card dumps, more than 98% of the dumps belong to Indian banks, in particular, 18% of the dumps belong to a single bank account and 1% dumps associated with Colombian banks.

The complete database estimated to have more than 1.3 million records, every single dump valued at $100 and the complete database prized at more than $130 million.

“The cards from this region are very rare on underground markets, in the past 12 months it is the only big sale of card dumps related to Indian banks,” said Group-IB.

This is one of the biggest database dump uploaded ever in the underground markets and one of the most expensive ones.

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