InSpy – Linkedin Information Gathering Tool for Penetration Testers


The objective of this Information Gathering tool is to extract Linkedin users based on the organization, job description or email address.InSpy was written in python by gojhonny.

Multiple Functionalities

  • TechSpy
  • EmpSpy

TechSpy – Crawls LinkedIn job listings for technologies used by the provider company. It attempts to identify technologies by matching job descriptions to keywords from a new line delimited file.

EmpSpy – Crawls LinkedIn for employees working at the provided company. It searches for employees by title and/or departments from a new line delimited file. It may also create emails for the identified employees if the user specifies an email format.

The tool published before 2 years in GitHub and with the release of Kali Linux 2017.3 it was added to the repo.In this Kali Linux tutorial, we show how to use InSpy to gather information from Linkedin.

Working with InSpy

To Clone the tool from GitHub, if you are using older version of Kali Linux

git clone


The tool consists of wordlist that has more than 300 job titles, department names and the TechSpy crawls LinkedIn for technologies.

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The following command will check for profiles that associated with cybersecurity

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/title-list-large.txt cybersecurity


To Extract list of email address that matching to the company and the domain name

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/title-list-large.txt –emailformat [email protected] company


To list the profiles based on Tech specification

python –empspy /root/In-Spy/wordlists/tech-list-large.txt siem



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  1. Hi,I’m having this error.Any solution? I have downloaded the BeautifulSoup tar file but i can’t proceed after that.

    [email protected]:~/InSpy# python
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 7, in
    from lib.soup import *
    File “/root/InSpy/lib/”, line 1, in
    import BeautifulSoup, json
    ImportError: No module named BeautifulSoup

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