Can Instagram Be Hacked Or A Hoax ? is an old database where zero-day exploits are sold, only 2009 kids remember this since its outdated after the bug bounty evolvements in the Information Security industry.

The website claims to have “Instagram bypass access account private method exploit ” priced around 0.472 Bitcoins which equals around 2015$ at the time of writing this article.

Hacked Or A Hoax – Instagram

The website admin “inj3ct0r” claims to have verified the exploit. In spite of several users asking questions continuously if it has been patched in the comments section.

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However, the admin claims it’s been verified on 25-04-2017, 14:27. Also, the admin replies the users they can test the exploit before buying. However, the money will remain in the admin’s account.

The exploit states that password can be reset If this is true, its very sure Instagram users are not going to be happy, Since Selena Gomez‘s Instagram account was hacked and Justin Bieber’s nudes were leaked earlier this year August. We have asked the admin of for more information on the exploit.

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Velayutham Selvaraj

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