49 Million Instagram Influencers, Celebrities Personal Data Leaked Online

A new massive database uncovered that contains nearly 49 million of Instagram Influencer’s, celebrities and brand account contact information leaked online.

Security researcher Anurag Sen discovered this unprotected database and reported to Tech Crunch, in result, owners have been notified and secured the database.

Further investigation reveals that the database owned by Mumbai-based social media marketing firm Chtrbox, a company paying to top accounts owners link influencers for sponsor content in their account.

This unprotected database hosted in Amazon web services doesn’t have any password protection which allows anyone can access the database online without any password.

Database contains tons of personal information which belongs to tens of millions of Instagram influencer’s including, their bio, profile picture, the number of followers they have, if they’re verified and their location by city and country, but also contained their private contact information, such as the Instagram account owner’s email address and phone number. Tech Crunch Revealed today.

” Each record in the database contained a record that calculated the worth of each account, based off the number of followers, engagement, reach, likes and shares they had. This was used as a metric to determine how much the company could pay an Instagram celebrity or influencer to post an ad.”

This incident happened 2 years after the massive Instagram data breach due to a security bug in its developer API which allowed hackers to gain access the email addresses and phone numbers of six million Instagram accounts.

“We’re looking into the issue to understand if the data described – including email and phone numbers – was from Instagram or from other sources,” said an updated statement. “We’re also inquiring with Chtrbox to understand where this data came from and how it became publicly available,” Facebook said in Tech Crunch Statement.

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