Facebook revealed last month that they stored tens of millions of Facebook password in plain text including thousand of the Instagram password instead of masking it as a human-readable format.

Now its worse than earlier report, and the number has been revised in the Facebook new update that states they discovered additional logs that contain million of Instagram passwords stored in plain text.

Facebook continuously facing the security failure incidents since last year and this case poorly developed an application that manages passwords let Facebook stored these passwords in a human-readable format.

According to Krebs investigation during the previous Facebook report, there are nearly 200 million to 600 million users password may have been stored in human-readable plain text format.

Also, access logs showed some 2,000 engineers or developers made approximately nine million internal queries for data elements that contained plain text user passwords.

New Facebook update states that “Since this post was published, we discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format. We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users. We will be notifying these users as we did the others.).”

During this incident, none of the Instagram users data improperly accessed anyhow Instagram and Facebook users recommended changing their password.

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