Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

Intel released new security updates with the fixes of two vulnerabilities that affected Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and Solid State Drives (SSD) for Data Centers (DC) S4500/S4600 Series.

Vulnerability in Processor Diagnostic Tool categorized as “High” Severity and the other vulnerability that affected Solid State Drives (SSD) S4500/S4600 Series marked as “Medium” Severity.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool

A software-based privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2019-11133) that resides in the Processor Diagnostic Tool before version lets the attacker perform a denial of service attack and steal the sensitive information due to Improper access control.

Jesse Michael from Eclypsium initially discovered this vulnerability reported Intel under responsible disclosed policy.

Affected Products:

Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool for 32-bit before version
Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool for 64-bit before version

Intel recommends that users of Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool update to version or later. Download Here.

Intel Solid State Drives (SSD)

Another security vulnerability ( CVE-2018-18095) that affected Intel Solid State Drives (SSD) S4500/S4600 Series firmware that used for Data Centers (DC) let unprivileged user escalate the privilege via physical access.

Affected Products:

Intel® SSD DC S4500 Series firmware before SCV10150.
Intel® SSD DC S4600 Series firmware before SCV10150.

Intel releasing firmware updates to mitigate this vulnerability and recommends updating Intel® SSD DC S4500 Series and Intel® SSD DC S4600 Series firmware to SCV10150 or later.

This vulnerability was found internally by Intel updates are available for download Here

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