Cyber Criminals behind the APT attack using an Internet Explorer Zero-Day vulnerability to compromise the windows based computers.

An APT hacking group using MS Office document attack using the browser 0day vulnerability exploit this vulnerability on victims PC.

Cyber Criminals using variously advanced techniques to compromise the victims and execute the backdoor into their network and zero-day vulnerabilities are big fish for Malicious hackers to perform sophisticated cyber attacks in wide.

Already Security researchers from Security Qihoo 360 Core revealed that they uncovered an IE 0day vulnerability has been embedded in malicious MS Office document, targeting limited users by a known APT actor.

Internet Explorer Zero-Day “double kill” Exploit 

An office document abused by cyber criminals and distributed this Zero-day vulnerability called “double kill”  to exploit latest versions of Internet Explorer and applications that use the IE kernel.

A Malicious office document distributed via spam email and other online media to reach the victims and tricked them to open the document leads to eventually infect the targetted computer.

Eventually, attacker implanted in the backdoor Trojan or even full control of the computer after the successful execution of windows based computers.

Mainly hackers using malicious embedded web page implement this APT attack to delivering an Office document and once the victims open the document, exploit code and malicious payload are loaded through the remote server.

According to weibo Report, The late exploit phase of the attack uses public UAC bypass techniques and uses file steganography and memory reflection loading to avoid traffic monitoring and fileless downloads.

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Cybercriminals silently executing this Internet Explorer Zero-Day “double kill” vulnerability and run the malicious web page and background and execute an attack program.

Qihoo 360 Core already warned that users to not open office documents from unknown sources and they reported to Microsoft the details of the browser’s 0day vulnerability

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