Internet of Things Can Revolutionize and Benefit Many Industries

IoT, also known as, Internet of Things, continues to grow in demand and interest.  According to McKinsey, a highly recognized and valued consulting firm, IoT will earn around 11 trillion dollars a year by the year 2025. 

Since the demand is there, coders and developers often find ways to create the most unique and custom systems found.

Of course, the IoT isn’t just in demand by the average consumer, but also by industries such as healthcare and even education. Custom IoT development is essential in the design of some products such as wearables or even sensors. 

The importance of customization is paramount in order to keep up with the rising trend of IoT.

Areas of Benefit

  • Healthcare. Customized IoT can collect data and keep accurate records of patients.  There is also some use in predictive maintenance with medical equipment. All these factors can help keep physicians and nurses better equipped for their job, which in turn keeps the patients healthy.
  • Agriculture & Smart Farming. Smart farming includes monitoring of the conditions present in areas throughout the farmland.  From soil monitoring to tracking crop data or cattle health, IoT can be used to create customized programs necessary for optimal farming results.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics. Customized IoT can improve the efficiency of the supply chain.  Data becomes trackable, and inventory and fleet management become a thing of ease for managers.  Having data on hand allows for easier report creation when it’s time to present data to others. 
  • Education. Schools can improve learning with the use of IoT.  They can also increase safety by using security systems for check-in and check-out.  The operation of the school may be better managed with the use of a number of customized IoT system developments.
  • Media. In the media and entertainment world, IoT solutions could help drive up advertising sales.  Customizing what the user finds is a smart way to connect the customers to the media. This will keep them coming back to the product and keep profit rolling.
  • Average Consumers. IoT in consumer devices is often one of the more widespread ways to customize the user’s experience.  Security features, elderly care, and personal assistants are just some of the examples of how IoT can be employed for use within the average consumer population.
  • Smart Home Systems. Automated processes have become quite popular.  This function allows consumers to automate many processes around their homes, which would have required manual control before.  Everything from security systems to motion sensors can be controlled by the use of IoT.
  • Sports. Record keeping on player development, strategic plays, and fan satisfaction are some ways in which IoT can be employed within the Sports industry.
  • Industry. Machine learning, machine-to-machine technology, and big data are some solutions that can enhance processes.  


In conclusion, the use of customized IoT can have remarkable results.  These results can come from a range of different industries. From healthcare and education, to supply chain and farming, IoT customization is quickly becoming a necessary component in technology.


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