By referring to the Kia Grand Carnival an 11 seater utility vehicle as a minivan would be misleading. Instead, Kia has reserved the name “Multi-Purpose Vehicle” (MPV) for the 2022 Carnival intentionally to attract a wider audience. Even though the Carnival has been around for years, the revealed fourth generation has every feature to make it qualify for the title “Grand Utility Vehicle”.

With the multiflex seats designed to offer a seating arrangement of 6 or 7 or 8 or 11 occupants, defining whether Carnival is an MPV or a minivan requires reviewing it in its entirety. The fierce and ragged front face extending across the width gives the impression of a luxurious SUV.

 Its boldness best illustrated by the mesh grille, deep creases below the LED headlights and above the dipped fog lights clearly distinguishes this MPV from a minivan. Again, the bold character lines running from the front end to the rear on the sides are hard to see on the sides of a minivan.

Besides the flexible interior packaging and unmatched massive cargo space, the reclining relaxation seats equipped with one-touch Relaxation mode have not yet been featured in any minivan.

As we wait for the 2021 Kia Grand Carnival to start selling in the Thailand and Indonesian auto market, Malaysian is now selling the new Carnival. Compared with the spied images of the fourth generation Carnival to be introduced in Thailand, no much difference can be outlined except for a few touches on the face.

While the roofline rack and powered sliding doors featured in the 2020 Carnival are retained in the 2021 new release, the interior seems roomier and extra comfortable. To support the huge body mass, this multipurpose utility vehicle stands on 17-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels depending on the variant.

The multipurpose utility Carnival selling in Malaysia has the same seat configuration as the fourth generation to be introduced in other markets and the 2022 model to be sold in California.

Interior Design and Luxury

The engineers at Kia chose to combine refinement, quality and sophistication within the interior to meets the exteriors luxury crossover SUV stolen design. Seated at the driver’s cosy leather seats, all control buttons are within easy reach.

The leather-wrapped steering wheel holds a cluster of the control button while the doors handle is equipped with other controls. Among the controls included are audio controls, cruise control, Bluetooth Connectivity and Voice Recognition.

On the blackened dashboard is a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen head unit that seamlessly connects with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This unit will be one inch lesser compared to the 2022 Kia Grand Carnival.

Kia has equipped the Carnival with a comprehensive list of security and safety features. Aligned to the walls and on the steering are airbags to guard the driver and the occupants. Other than blind-spot warning, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, this MPV has Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control-Curve and Driver Attention Warning (DAW).


Now Kia has refused to call the Grand Carnival a minivan but consistently referred to it as a Grand Utility Vehicle or MPV, our only left option is to consider the front face design and call it by the same name



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