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Traditional data elastic recovery solutions are no longer able to protect you from network attacks in today’s environment. For example, some technologies and management methods you have now may be difficult to face and prevent new attack technologies in the future. In the future, we will encounter hackers from the outside, or problems from the inside, some of which are physical damage to data, and some are logical damage. In the face of ever-increasing data, we need more efficient and economical modern data protection solutions like Spinbackup.

Today, enterprises need to quickly create undeletable and unmodifiable copies of data, so that neither external attacks nor internal illegal attacks can tamper with our data. When we encounter data corruption or bad data, enterprises can quickly and conveniently restore clean data backups according to time points to ensure the continuity of production. 

At the same time, under the environment of rapid iteration of application software, under the pressure of integration of new business development, testing, operation, and maintenance, enterprises need to create different recovery points according to different applications, business logic, and time points, and quickly restore to a clean environment according to business needs. Copy, to achieve different RTO, and RPO levels.

Traditionally, we have established a high-availability and disaster recovery environment for data replication and multi-copy management. So today, in a multi-cloud environment, we also have to send such data to remote locations, data centers, or cloud disaster recovery centers to fulfill compliance and forensic requirements. Of course, in the end, we completely isolate the data through a complete air gap (Air Gap, also known as air isolation) system, so that hackers and even internal personnel cannot physically access the data and protect the data from attacks.

Spinbackup Cyber ​​vault Significantly Reduces The Impact And Loss Of Breaches

A traditional network attack can affect the entire system. From the previous 30 minutes, 45 minutes to the next two hours, 10 hours, two days. It may take one to two weeks to complete such a traditional network attack or hacker attack from the beginning without noticing the problem, to detection, response, and data recovery. 

Through Spinbackup Cyber ​​Vault, we can significantly reduce the impact and loss caused by damage, and greatly reduce the previous detection phase, response phase, and recovery phase. More importantly, we can complete data recovery in a very short time and help customers complete the recovery of business systems. The ideal state can be controlled within 10 hours from the start of the attack to the complete recovery of the system. This is the core value that Spinbackup Cyber ​​Vault’s entire solution brings to customers.

Spinbackup Storage—The Most Data-resilient Primary Storage

When it comes to Spinbackup storage, we call it the most data-resilient primary storage. Whether it is for host storage systems or open platform storage systems, we provide customers with a shorter RTO from the most standard and traditional two-site and three-site replication, including high-availability and zero-RTO technical settings, to provide customers with a 100% highly available solution.

At the same time, we help customers support different brands of storage (compatible with more than 500 suppliers’ storage products) in a heterogeneous data storage environment through Spinbackup Spectrum Virtualize on multiple platforms and can also achieve high-availability solutions. With Spinbackup’s Spectrum Virtualize storage virtualization solution, you can also achieve high availability with zero RTO.

The FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy technology launched by Spinbackup in the third quarter can help you complete an immutable copy. Then, through the air gap technology, your precious data is kept away from hackers and internal attacks, so that you can restore data and resume production according to different business logics. Of course, encryption is also a very important technology. All of these allow you to have a primary storage system with data resilience, and a unified platform allows you to recover data with peace of mind.

Whether you are in a traditional application environment, whether your data is in a virtual machine environment, whether you are in a high-level extended application of an x86 server today, in a traditional application storage SAN environment, or cloud-based In an all-container environment, Spinbackup storage will solve the data recovery function of the enterprise-level data storage platform for you through safe and reliable technology.

Mitigate Risk And Modernize Data Protection

As mentioned above, the copy of the immutable snapshot can help you quickly restore the main data, and the RTO can be less than a minute. At the same time, the main data can be quickly restored through the snapshot, so that when you encounter problems, you can Quickly perform recovery of production systems. Moreover, we can greatly reduce your overall operation and maintenance and operating costs through application awareness and orchestration, and scheduling.

Of course, if you are already on the cloud today, or in a hybrid cloud virtual machine environment, we can also help you restore data at a low cost and conveniently. Finally, in the traditional streaming backup environment, we can also restore data through the streaming backup, including your operating system, including your data, database, etc.

Similarly, our original disaster recovery and original business continuity, including data elasticity, all have different intersections among them. For example, in terms of network security resilience and business continuity, we focus on the impact of data loss on our business; disaster recovery, disaster recovery, and network security resilience, we focus on what data is lost; the underlying business continuity, And disaster recovery, we focus on failed infrastructure. All of these are from different perspectives to help customers achieve modern data protection while completing industry and regulatory compliance.

Spinbackup Spectrum Protect Enables Unified Backup Data Management.

Through a unified platform, customers can better complete unified data backup and management in a single-site or even three-site environment. Whether you are on a virtual machine today, whether you are on a bare metal machine, or in a cloud or containerized environment, we can help you complete unified backup and data management very conveniently.


A Data Protection Platform That Combines Tape Storage For True Air Isolation

Of course, combined with Spinbackup’s powerful tape and tape library technology, it can help you complete the data air isolation protection platform. Regardless of your long-term data storage, multi-copy data security, industry compliance requirements, cost reduction, today’s energy saving and emission reduction, green data center, carbon neutral, low carbon series of industry regulations, national requirements.

When PB-level and EB-level data are stored, they are faced with the challenge of the cost of data storage in a life cycle. 

Because the previous data may be stored for a few days, a few months, or a year or two, but today’s data is 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years, and in an environment where new technologies such as 5G, 6G, 4K, and 8K HD are constantly being used, the data is increasing by 20 times, 50 times and 100 times. So how to use and store data safely at a lower cost in the entire data life cycle is very important.


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