Is the Road For Isuzu Panther In Indonesia Over? What Next

The curtains for Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV) in Indonesia are falling pretty fast and on 10th March 2021, there will be none on the Indonesian dealers unless it’s Euro IV compliant. Despite selling like hotcakes, just like the other AUVs namely Mitsubishi Adventure and Toyota Tamaraw FX production and sell of Isuzu Panther would be illegal.

This comes as sad news to the MPV that was ranked as the second bestselling car in Indonesia from 1977 to 1999. Even after making some changes to the second generation in 2013 further promoting the emotional attachment to the enthusiasts, the road has to come to an end for the Isuzu Panther.

As this unfolds, the first Isuzu Panther generation (a pick up) stopped selling at the beginning of this year while the assembly line for the latest Panther was stopped last year in February. And to confirm this MPV is no longer selling at the accredited dealers like, Panther was indicated as “Not For Sale”.

What Next For Isuzu Panther?

Isuzu Indonesia has been selling only two passengers (Isuzu MU-X, Isuzu Panther) car models and two pick-ups (Isuzu D-MAX, Isuzu Traga). By dropping Panther from the list, the only option left to those looking for a passenger MPV is Isuzu MU-X.

Even though Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) urges buyers to consider MU-X, they also promised to turn their efforts to the commercial segment which includes Isuzu Giga, Traga, D-MAX and Elf. This confirmed the end of an era for the SUV.

But for you to buy MU-X, you’ll be entering into a different segment and more money will be required before possessing it. Acquiring this SUV would mean getting a stronger and more powerful 7 seater that’s not designed to tackle floods.

Now that we sure there won’t be a next generation of the Isuzu Panther, its enthusiasts have the option to buy a second-hand Panther. And since the spare parts will be available for the next eight years as well as repair service, you’ll continue to enjoy the Panther without worries.

Since this SUV has been selling in Vietnam and the Philippines, whether it’s available for anyone to import remains to be known yet. Government directives as to whether residents can import used Isuzu Panther is a mystery waiting for revelation.

Why Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia (IAMI) Stopped Producing Isuzu Panther

At first, Astra Indonesia talked of concentrating on its list of a commercial vehicle as to the key reason for not producing and selling Panther in Indonesia.

From the government’s official reports, it’s now clear that all new diesel vehicles must meet Euro IV emission standards by April 2021. It’s this policy that must have facilitated the closure of Astra’s production plants.

The availability of modern MPV’s well equipped with advanced technologies must be causing stiff competition to the Panther. Next would be a drop in sales then not selling.


For any company to stop selling a particular product is normal. But when there is an option to upgrade it and meet the current status, why should you not do it? SUV’s like Isuzu Panther is doing well in many different markets and we hope Isuzu shall one day launch an improved and more powerful Panther.

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