Israel thwarted a cyber attack by launching an Airstrike on headquarters building of Hamas terror group technology division in Gaza.

According to Israel Defense Forces, “the digital threat was neutralized, fighter jets destroyed the building housing the headquarters of the terror group’s cyber unit.”

IDF target image

The attack happened in the weekend after an intense fight between the IDF and terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Terror groups launched 600 rockers and mortar shells at Israel.

Israel Airstrikes to Hamas Hackers Group Building

In response to the attacks posted by the terror group, IDF also conducted hundreds of airstrikes on targets linked to terror groups at the Gaza Strip.

“The IDF said the cyber operation was a collaborative effort between the elite Unit 8200 of Military Intelligence, the IDF’s Teleprocessing Directorate and the Shin Bet security service.”

According to Israel times, the commander of the IDF’s Cyber Division said that cyber attack that occurred on Saturday aimed at “harming the quality of life of Israeli citizens.”

The military said that the information about the cyber attack cannot be published, it may expose the details to Hamas details about Israel’s cyber capabilities.

According to officials, the cyber attack launched by Hamas was not an advanced one, “We were a step ahead of them the whole time.”

“Israel’s ability to defend itself and thwart cyber attacks means the Hamas terror group’s efforts to carry out attacks in the cyber realm fail time and time again,” a Shin Bet official said.

The operation conducted by IDF is a collaborative between elite Unit 8200 of Military Intelligence, the IDF’s Teleprocessing Directorate and the Shin Bet security service.

“What’s special here is that we thwarted this threat under fire, I believe that they know they didn’t succeed in doing what they intended to do,” Dalet said reporters.

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