An Israeli intelligence Agency hacked into Kaspersky servers and informed the United States about the Russian Intrusion as indicated by the report published by the NYT (New York Times).

Last week the incident was reported by Wall Street Journal says, Russian hackers Stolen information that are highly Sensitive Data such as how the NSA penetrates foreign computer networks.You can read more detail about the incident here.

Israeli intelligence played a major role in identifying that Russian hacker’s use of Kaspersky software in the more extensive to scan for American secrets.

Kaspersky’s researchers noted that attackers had managed to burrow deep into the company’s computers and evade detection for months.


Investigators later discovered that the Israeli hackers had implanted multiple backdoors into Kaspersky’s systems, employing sophisticated tools to steal passwords, take screenshots, and vacuum up emails and documents.

Like other Antivirus Kaspersky require access for every data that stored on your computer in order to secure it from viruses and other bad actors.But how the antivirus system made that determination is unclear.

Whether Kaspersky technicians programmed the software to look for specific parameters that indicated NSA material. Also unclear is whether Kaspersky employees alerted the Russian government to the finding.

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Kaspersky Lab refused any knowledge of, or involvement in, the Russian hacking. “Kaspersky Lab has never helped, nor will help, any government in the world with its cyberespionage efforts,” the company said in a report Tuesday afternoon.

There has been thought that Kaspersky’s traditional antivirus software may provide a backdoor for Russian intelligence.

Kaspersky’s  More than 60 percent, or $374 million, of the company’s $633 million in annual sales come from customers in the United States and Western Europe. But this Controversy against Kaspersky leads to losing the Reputation as well as Revenue.

“Antivirus is the ultimate backdoor,” Blake Darché, a former N.S.A. operator and co-founder of Area 1 Security said.

The N.S.A. bans its investigators from using Kaspersky antivirus at the agency, in large part because the agency has exploited antivirus software for its own foreign hacking operations.

No Information about the NSA Contractor Details was Exposed and the report also said it was unclear whether the contractor had lost his job or is facing prosecution.


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