Rural Jackson County, Georgia computer systems are infected with Massive Ryuk ransomware attack that leads to shut down all the operations.

Since there is no way to recover the files back without the decryption key, officials paid $400,000 as a ransom amount to cybercriminals in order to recover the infected system.

Authorities Confirmed that the ransomware infected throughout all the department’s systems on March 1.

Threat actors used Ryuk, a powerful Ransomware to conduct this cyber attack and successfully infect all around IT systems that managed by Jackson County, Georgia.

Newly spreading Ryuk Ransomware campaign targeting various enterprise network around the globe and encrypting various data in storage, personal computers, and data center.

Mainly Ryuk distributed via massive spam campaigns and exploit kits and there is some specific operation such as extensive network mapping, hacking, and credential collection required before each operation.

In This case, Ransomware attack take down the entire county government’s email system is offline, and some departments, including law enforcement.

During the time in between attack and recovery, all the operation had to resort to conducting entirely on paper officials said to statescoop.

According to Sheriff Janis Mangum, “Everything we have is down,” “We are doing our bookings the way we used to do it before computers. We’re operating by the paper in terms of reports and arrest bookings. We’ve continued to function. It’s just more difficult.”

Initially, this attack publicly disclosed by county officials on 11alive and they confirmed that all departments were impacted. They’re now working to restore the 911 and emergency systems first.

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“Since the attack includes our emails, communication has been tricky but our phones still work so we are doing everything possible to keep things running as smoothly as we can,” a spokesperson said by Facebook on Wednesday.

Since there is no way out $400,000 amount ransom were paid and County officials are in the process of decrypting computers and servers a week after the first signs of an attack, said Jackson County Manager Kevin Poe on Friday.

Attackers only demand to pay via bitcoin that makes impossible to track the attacker back ,so the county hired a cyber-security response consultant with experience in negotiating with hackers, Poe said.

Finally, consultants paid the ransom amount via bitcoin and also In dealing with the FBI and cybersecurity experts, this is one of the most sophisticated attacks they have ever seen in the U.S.,” Jackson County Manager Poe said.

Cyber criminals really well planned before execute this attack which crippled the entire system of Jackson County.

Its unclear that who was behind this massive attack, FBI believes that the group of cyber criminals operated this attack from eastern Europe.

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