blockchain based personal shopper company Shopin released an official statement that its significant token distributor syndicate was hacked and stolen $10 million USD of a variety of tokens, including Ethereum, Level Up, Orbs, and Shopin Tokens.

Shopin world’s first decentralized shopper profile That built on the blockchain that delivers the most personal shopping experience on retailer websites, apps, and stores.

In this case, Japanese syndicate involved and gathered various Tokens by participants for Shopin’s Token Generation Event.

Also syndicate used hot MyEtherWallet storage wallet containing a large number of various tokens, including 61 million Shopin Tokens.

Later on, the attack was took place and the syndicate member’s wallet was hacked after successfully receiving the allotment of participant tokens and the Officials belive that the attack was someone who has credentialed access

The incidents were reported to Shopin and immediately guided the syndicate lead to file a police report in Japan.

Alongside, The company has enlisted one of the world’s top cryptocurrency forensic experts to help further investigate.

Eran Eyal, CEO and CoFounder of Shopin said, “We are deeply saddened by this news and send our empathy to all of the Japanese members of our Shopin community who have been affected by this stressful news.

The main reason for this hack due to syndicate lead was not storing Shopin tokens in a cold storage or hardware wallet and that it was clearly vulnerable to an attack.

Also he said,  We have taken all immediate measures to have the incident investigated, and we remain hopeful that the informed authorities will be able to trace the trail of the hack.”

Shopin request to all affected participants and the Chopin crypto community to remain patient.

Additionally, comments have been added in the wallet with stolen Shopin Tokens notifying the public and the wallet owner that the Shopin Tokens were stolen.

Also Shopin has requested the following statement the community on Telegram (@shopineverywhere) and enlisted their advice and help.

“In difficult times like these, it’s incredible to see an entire community rise up to help fellow participants enlist transparency,” said Eyal. “The community as a whole has been working together to come up with innovative solutions to a terrible problem. This is something that would not be impossible without the paradigm shift that is the blockchain.”

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