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JaskaGO Malware Attacking Windows and macOS Operating Systems

Due to the widespread use and popularity of Windows and macOS, threat actors often target these platforms. 

Windows is a common target because it dominates the global operating system market, while macOS is targeted because of its majority among:-

  • Professionals 
  • Creative industries

Recently, cybersecurity researchers at ATT discovered JaskaGO malware, which was found to be attacking Windows and macOS operating systems.

JaskaGO Malware Attacking Windows

JaskaGO, using the Go programming language, signifies a rise in malware trends. Go’s simplicity attracts authors, creating versatile threats. 

Despite macOS’s perceived security, JaskaGO eliminates the myth, targeting both macOS and Windows users. It disguises itself as legit software on pirated pages, evolving and spreading since its first Mac-focused appearance in July 2023. 

Moreover, the low detection rate of this malware creates complex challenges for antivirus engines.

The malware tricks users with a fake error box on startup, pretending to fail. It checks for virtual machines by examining system details like:-

  • Processors
  • Memory
  • MAC addresses

Besides this, the detection of VM-related traces triggers random command execution. Here below, we have mentioned the commands:-

  • Ping Google.
  • Create a File on the Desktop (e.g., config.ini).
  • List files on the user’s desktop.
  • List local IP addresses.
  • Make a simple HTTP GET request to
  • Print a random number.
  • Create a directory with a random name in the user’s home directory.
  • Print a random string.
Perform random task
Perform random task (Source – ATT)

Once VM detection is evaded, JaskaGO gathers victim info and connects to its command center, staying alert for further commands.

JaskaGO skillfully exfiltrates data, storing and zipping it in a dedicated folder before sending it to the threat actor.

Here below, we have mentioned all the stealers used:-

JaskaGO is a cross-platform threat challenging macOS invulnerability, using anti-VM tactics for stealth, persistently embedding in systems, and transforming into a dangerous threat with stealer capabilities.


  • SHA256: 7bc872896748f346fdb2426c774477c4f6dcedc9789a44bd9d3c889f778d5c4b
  • SHA256: f38a29d96eee9655b537fee8663d78b0c410521e1b88885650a695aad89dbe3f
  • SHA256: 6efa29a0f9d112cfbb982f7d9c0ddfe395b0b0edb885c2d5409b33ad60ce1435
  • SHA256: f2809656e675e9025f4845016f539b88c6887fa247113ff60642bd802e8a15d2
  • SHA256: 85bffa4587801b863de62b8ab4b048714c5303a1129d621ce97750d2a9a989f9
  • SHA256: 37f07cc207160109b94693f6e095780bea23e163f788882cc0263cbddac37320
  • SHA256: e347d1833f82dc88e28b1baaa2657fe7ecbfe41b265c769cce25f1c0e181d7e0
  • SHA256: c714f3985668865594784dba3aeda1d961acc4ea7f59a178851e609966ca5fa6
  • SHA256: 9b23091e5e0bd973822da1ce9bf1f081987daa3ad8d2924ddc87eee6d1b4570d
  • SHA256: 1c0e66e2ea354c745aebda07c116f869c6f17d205940bf4f19e0fdf78d5dec26
  • SHA256: e69017e410aa185b34e713b658a5aa64bff9992ec1dbd274327a5d4173f6e559
  • SHA256: 6cdda60ffbc0e767596eb27dc4597ad31b5f5b4ade066f727012de9e510fc186
  • SHA256: 44d2d0e47071b96a2bd160aeed12239d4114b7ec6c15fd451501c008d53783cf
  • SHA256: 8ad4f7e14b36ffa6eb7ab4834268a7c4651b1b44c2fc5b940246a7382897c98e
  • SHA256: 888623644d722f35e4dcc6df83693eab38c1af88ae03e68fd30a96d4f8cbcc01
  • SHA256: 3f139c3fcad8bd15a714a17d22895389b92852118687f62d7b4c9e57763a8867
  • SHA256: 207b5ee9d8cbff6db8282bc89c63f85e0ccc164a6229c882ccdf6143ccefdcbc

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