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Kali Linux 2021.2 Released with New Hacking Tools & Enhanced New Features With Bug Fixes

Kali Linux 2021.2 has been released now with security fixes, feature enhancements and added several new hacking tools and more.

Offensive security used to release a Kali linux versions update each and every year with new updates feature, in order to provide the best experience for the cybersecurity community. This is the second update for this year since Kali Linux 2021.1 was released in February 2021.

Since then Kali Linux team have been working for the several new enhancement of the following:-

  • Releasing Kaboxer v1.0
  • Releasing Kali-Tweaks v1.0
  • Refreshed Bleeding-Edge branch
  • Disabled privileged ports
  • New tools added
  • Theme enhancements 
  • Desktop wallpaper & login background updates
  • Raspberry Pi images recharged
  • Kali NetHunter support for Android 11
  • More Docker support
  • Parallels support 
  • Various bug fixes 

Kali Linux 2021.2 has completely restructured the Bleeding-Edge Branch backend that allowing developers to track any changes on the source code depends on their workflow, experience, and team size.

You can have a look at our kali-bleeding-edge documentation to learn how to enable the repository and how to tell apt to select a package from this repository.

Kali Linux 2021.2 with New Hacking Tools

As always, Offensive security comes up with new hacking tools in Kali Linux 2021.2, here the follwoing list of new tools.

  • CloudBrute – Find a company infrastructure, files, and apps on the top cloud providers
  • Dirsearch – Brute force directories and files in web servers
  • Feroxbuster – Simple, fast, recursive content discovery
  • Ghidra – Reverse engineering framework Developed by NSA
  • Pacu – AWS exploitation framework
  • Peirates – Kubernetes penetration
  • Quark-Engine – Android malware scoring system
  • VSCode a.k.a. Visual Studio Code Open Source (“Code-OSS”) – Code editor

Theme Enhancement

Kali Linux has upgraded the new Theme in the version which is implemented exclusively in Command line.

Other notable changes including Dropping the screen recorder button, Adding a text editor shortcut, Adding a web browser icon, and also Adding a drop-down menu to select the user for the default terminal.

Kali Linux 2021.2

Kali NetHunter Updates

There are several improvements are added with the new Kali Linux 2021.1 for NetHunter that support for Nokia 6.1, OnePlus One, OnePlus Nord, Xiaomi Poco F1, Xiaomi Mi A3, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

  • Improved compatibility with dynamic partitions
  • Improvements to persistence of Magisk root
  • Improvements to Bluetooth and settings menus
  • Inclusion of rtl88xxau patches for older kernels in the kernel builder

There are  179 kernels avalable in he Kali NetHunter repository for 72 devices and 32 pre-built images are available on our download page.

Bug Fixed in Kali linux 2021.2

In this new Kali install, wiresharkcan now be run by unprivileged users,couple of bugs were fixed in command-not-found, patched pkexec, so now Qt applications which have been ran as root will maintain the dark theme and the HiDPI setting and more.

Download Kali Linux 2021.2

If you’re an existing kali Linux User, then you can do a quick update by running following command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade

For new installation you can download from here for all the platfroms.

To check after upgradation for Kali Linux 2021.2;

kali@kali:~$ grep VERSION /etc/os-release

You are also recommended to review our Kali Linux Tutorials which cover dozens of Kali Linux Tools. Also, Learn the Kali Linux course and complete Kali Linux Commands List.

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