Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud Security Solutions is one of the challenging tasks while performing the cloud migration for any organization and they need to ensure the best adaptable and equipped solution to handle the wider range of cyber attacks.

Increasing the number organization count is keep increasing the process move their operations to a cloud for better flexibility, high availability but there is some risk in terms of security and compliance implications.

There are many security concerns that we need to aware for any organization before migrate into cloud security solutions.

Mainly data breaches, hijacking of accounts, insider threat, abuse of cloud Services are most important concerns for security concerns for cloud-based services.

Whether you’re in the market for a new security product, or an organization looking to switch, there are several important questions you’ll need to ask:

  • Can I easily tune and revert rules to changing application needs?
  • Is the solution PCI compliant?
  • Do I have round-the-clock support?
  • How quickly can I deploy?

The organization can build a cloud security strategy to protect your business by implementing the best Cloud security solution that provides a single stack solution that integrates content delivery, website security, DDoS protection, and load balancing.

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Load Balancing – Cloud Security Solutions

High availability is the most important concern in cloud migration that meets the demands of large organizations with support for all in-datacenter and cross-datacenter.

Load Balancer-as-a-Service meet any organization demand and it provides Continuous health monitoring ensures that traffic is always routed to an available web server.

It supports various load balancing algorithms which help to optimize traffic distribution across servers, maximize application performance and reduce server load.

Content Delivery

Content Delivery Network provides faster cloud data performance and consumes up to less bandwidth.

The organization should choose best Content Delivery Network which consists of intelligent caching and cache control options as well as high-speed storage and optimization tools.

The Incapsula CDN utilizes a full scope of substance and systems administration advancement strategies to limit page rendering time and enhance client encounter.

Website Security

Strong Web application security for the organization owned web-based applications that migrated in Cloud is one of another major concern to provide better cloud security solution to prevent web-based attacks.

Implement the best enterprise-class web application firewall (WAF), enhanced by advanced bot protection and backdoor shell detection services.

Cloud security solution must protect against all OWASP Top 10 threats like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLI), cross-site request forgery (CSRF) and remote file inclusion (RFI)

DDOS Protection

DDOS Attack are typically launched to establish a long-term foothold and hijack sensitive information, denial of service assaults do not attempt to breach your security perimeter.

Enterprise Networks should choose the best DDoS Attack prevention services to ensure the DDoS attack protection and prevent their network.

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