KFC Security Breach

KFC pushed an warning Email to all 1.2M users in the colonelsclub warned to change their account password immediately, after they discovered that their website has been targeted by the hackers and several user account’s may be compromised.


Customers who use the same email address and password for other services were advised to reset them “just to be safe”.

“We take the online security of our fans very seriously, so we’ve advised all Colonel’s Club members to change their passwords as a precaution, despite only a small number of accounts being directly affected,” said Brad Scheiner, Head of IT at KFC UK & Ireland. “We don’t store credit card details as part of our Colonel’s Club rewards scheme, so no financial data was compromised.”

The restaurant chain said it had introduced “additional security measures” in a bid to “safeguard our members’ accounts”, adding that it was “sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused”.

This is a problem nowadays occurring more and more. To be safe, we always should pick a strong unique password by using a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters.

Try avoid using words as they are easy to crack and if possible implement two-factor authentication across all accounts that allow it. Never reveal your password and don’t allow your browser to memorise it, try using Password managers.


SOURCEKFC website hacked


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