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Kickout Devices Out of Your Network and Enjoy all the Bandwidth

Are you fed up of your annoying roommate or flatmates because they are using all the bandwidth of your wifi connection?

Here is the solution for you people to kick out that annoying friend of yours from wifi without letting them know.

This process needs the aircrack-ng tool. if you are using any penetration testing Linux distro then you don’t have to install it. other users have to install this tool.

First, open a new terminal and type in ifconfig to find the name of your wireless card.( In my case the name is wlan0)


Wireless Card Down

Don’t worry at the end of this tutorial I will tell you how to get it back up. Now take down your wireless card type this command.

ifconfig wlan0 down

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Scanning for BSSID

Now we will scan for available networks with initial scanning we will get network BSSID and channel). Use this command to scan for networks.

aireplay-ng -9 wlan0

Connected devices on the network

Now we just wait a few seconds and the devices connected to the network after some time connected devices will show up here with their MAC address.

airodump-ng -c 6 –bssid xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -w psk wlan0

C is for the channel that the network is broadcasting on and bssid is for the network mac address.

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Disconnect Wireless Clients

Write down the mac address of the device you want to kick out from your network.To do that type this command

aireplay-ng -0 15 -a xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx -c yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy wlan0

0 means that we will send deAuth packets to the device.15 is the amount of deAuth packets (if you want to send deAuth packets continuously then replace 15 with 0)

a is to set the networks BSSID which we wrote down earlier.

c is to set the device’s MAC address that you would like to kick off the network.

Great! Now we are sending the deAuth packets! The devices should now be disconnected from the network.It’s time to back up your wireless card. Type this command ifconfig wlan0 up.


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