More than 130,000 user’s Plain text password has been exposed with the Largest data breach that affected by the Helsinki New Business Center. The breach occurs on an open website(liiketoimintasuunnitelma[.]com) that shares the business ideas.

The username and passwords are not encrypted, so attackers can use the credentials any time. The website was taken down after the data breach was identified on 3rd April.

“It is currently not known that the disclosed information would be freely accessible to anybody on the Internet. However, it is likely that the disclosed information has spread to cybercriminals” reads FICORA statement.

FICORA asks users to change the passwords if they used the same password for Business Plan or with other information system or network service.

The website has been taken down now after the Largest data breach with the note “Data from the New Business Center in Helsinki leaked in connection with a large-scale data hacking”.

Largest data breach

We are very sorry for all the people who have been subjected to crime and who may be affected by mental or financial disadvantages. Unfortunately, we are not yet able to know exactly how many people are and what information this information breaks. We have filed an offense report, and the parties do not need to report to the police separately, “says Jarmo Hyökyvaara, Chairman of the Board of the New Business Center of Helsinki.

The maintenance and security of our service was the responsibility of our subcontractor, our long-term partner. Unfortunately, the security of the service has not been enough to prevent this kind of attack. This is, in part, our mistake, and as a subscriber and owner of the service we are responsible for this, “said Hyökyvaara.

When it comes to cybersecurity then no any business would be able to ignore it! In fact, if we consider the reports of Verizon Data Breach Investigation then we would be able to see that 60% of the cyber attacks target SMBs, mostly because they are comparatively somewhat easy targets.

The FBI has estimated that ransomware infects more than 4,000 U.S. businesses every day.Attackers are more successful when effective countermeasures are not in place.

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