Passwords are the strings of cards used to verify the identity of the user, when the passwords are extracted they are free simple and viable approach to gain access to unapproved individuals accounts.

After evalvating millions of passwords SplashData determines the common passwords used by Internet users during that year. The most terrible password used are “123456” and “password”.

They continue to hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, the easily hackable password will put a substantial risk of getting beig hacked.

Also a new password debuted this year list “donald” ranked 23rd position, “Sorry, Mr. President, but this is not fake news – using your name or any common name as a password is a dangerous decision,” said Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, Inc.“

Every year SplashData evaluate millions of old password from data breaches to determine the weakest passwords.

According to the SplashData almost 10% of the people used one of the most 25 worst passwords on the year’s list and only 3% of people have used the worstpassword, “123456”.

Here is the list of top 25 passwords used in year 2018

  • 123456 (Rank unchanged from last year)
  • password (Unchanged)
  • 123456789 (Up 3)
  • 12345678 (Down 1)
  • 12345 (Unchanged)
  • 111111 (New)
  • 1234567 (Up 1)
  • sunshine (New)
  • qwerty (Down 5)
  • iloveyou (Unchanged)
  • princess (New)
  • admin (Down 1)
  • welcome (Down 1)
  • 666666 (New)
  • abc123 (Unchanged)
  • football (Down 7)
  • 123123 (Unchanged)
  • monkey (Down 5)
  • 654321 (New)
  • !@#$%^&* (New)
  • charlie (New)
  • aa123456 (New)
  • donald (New)
  • password1 (New)
  • qwerty123 (New

“Our hope by publishing this list each year is to convince people to take steps to protect themselves online,” said Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, Inc.

Here is the video shows the worst 100 passwords of 2018.

Tips to Stay Safe

  • Use a complex password, enforce strong password policy.
  • Check the password regularly, Use two-factor authentication(2FA) for vital sites like managing an account and Emails, make sure all the passwords are unique.
  • Change the Manufactures default Password that gadgets are issued with before they are conveyed to the IT Department.
  • Configure using password Manager only for your less important websites and accounts.

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