A new group of POS malware family made its presence targeting business systems around North America and Canada.The objective of PoS malware is to take information related to monetary exchanges, including credit card information.

TrendMicro detected MajikPOS Dual malware which uses a combination of PoS malware and remote access Trojan (RAT) to attack their targets.

MajikPOS is named after its command and control (C&C) board that receives commands and sends exfiltrated information.

MajikPOS Working Mechanism 

MajikPOS’s modular track is different when compare with various POS malware. MajikPOS needs just the another segment from the server to direct its RAM scraping schedule.


They use to find open VNC and RDP services and launch brute-force attack against them to obtain weak credentials.MajikPOS compromises they followed including RATs is the course of the timeline of their infection.

Once they have breached a random network they utilize the mix of RDP, RAT Access, VNC, FTP and even with fake versions of AMMyAdmin to download and install the MajikPOS.

Modified version of VNC viewer looks like VNC_Server.exe or Remote.exe.

C&C Server Communication flow

MajikPOS contact with C&C Sever to register the infected device and then the server respond back with various entries.

MajikPOS Dual malware targeting businesses across North America and Canada
Trend Micro

The component responsible for RAM scraping is Conhost.exewhich looks for credit card information. It analyzes the range of cards such as  American Express, Diners Club, Discover, Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa. Then collected information posted in C&C server through HTTP POST, Action=”bin”.

MajikPOS Dual malware targeting businesses across North America and Canada
Snapshot of magic Dump Source – Trend Micro

All the stolen card information will be available for sale through a network of dumps called Magic Dump.

These dump shops consist of 23,400 stolen credit card each varies from $9 to $39, also they are available for bulk purchase 25, 50, and 100, priced at $250, $400, and $700, respectively.

Timeline of MajikPOS’s

Here you can find the timeline of events related to MajikPOS, based on their findings.

MajikPOS Dual malware targeting businesses across North America and Canada
Timeline of Events

Like any other modern malware, MajikPOS uses the Encrypted channel for communicating and it was developed with the .NET framework.


Appropriately designed chip-and-pin credit cards with end-to-end encryption (EMVs) should be unaffected by this crisis.Sadly, terminals that don’t hold them are at hazard to dangers like MajikPOS.

For Further mitigation, it is recommended to secure the remote channels especially the one’s connected to the Internet.

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