Make Online Payment Easy with Payment Gateways in India: All You Need to Know

Be it a startup, a small business, or a big enterprise, everyone wants to make their customers’ purchasing experience to be absolutely seamless and positive. Likewise, one of the most important steps included during a purchasing procedure is the checkout experience.

As a merchant, you must have put an earnest effort into making your website beautiful with high purchase quality. However, have you ever thought of creating a customer-friendly checkout process? Well, if you haven’t, it is high time you started working on it.

A payment gateway can become a key element in making your customers’ overall purchasing experience fun and seamless. Now, to get a deeper understanding of payment gateways in India, let’s start with knowing what a payment gateway is.

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is an ecommerce application that makes online payments quick and easy. It works as a medium that connects a merchant’s website or mobile application with the bank.

When a customer wants to make a payment through a payment gateway, the retailer’s website sends their debit/credit card details to the gateway for confirmation. After this, the concerned card details are verified by the payment gateway. In the last step, the money gets transferred from the customer’s bank account to that of the retailer’s bank account.

How Does a Payment Gateway Work? 

A payment gateway plays the role of an intermediary between a customer’s bank account and the seller’s bank account. Let’s read on further to learn how a payment gateway works-

  1. When a customer places an order, they can either make payment via COD (Cash on Delivery) or choose to pay online. The payment gateway comes into the picture when the customer chooses to play online.
  2. The payment gateway starts by checking the customer’s bank for sufficient balance to ensure the transaction does not cross the bank balance.
  3. Further, it encrypts the card information and sends it to the card schemes to ensure that the transaction is processed securely.
  4. Once the transaction is approved, the payment gateway takes it back to the retailer’s website, wherein the transaction will be completed.
  5. In the end, the payment gateway sends the information to the bank, wherein they request the transaction to take place from the customer’s account to the retailer’s.

Elements to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Perfect Payment Gateway

Payment gateways save you time and effort by enhancing flexibility with the types of payment methods customers can use. However, it is especially important to choose the right payment gateway in order to ensure security and smooth functioning.

To help you evaluate the primary features of a payment gateway and choose the one that fits your needs, here are a few factors you need to consider:

  1. Security
    The payment process is the most crucial part of purchasing, wherein consumers put in their sensitive financial information. Therefore, it is important for a retailer to choose a reputable payment gateway that ensures safe transactions.

  2. Cost
    There is always a fee associated with third-party tools like payment gateways. So, it is preferable to thoroughly research the costs before integrating them on your website.

    The fees can include transactions, statements, merchant account fees, customers’ charges for using a certain payment method, and more. Always remember that customers do not appreciate hidden costs, so be thorough with your knowledge about the payment gateway you choose.

  3. Accepted Payment Methods
    The easier you make the payment methods, the more customers are likely to purchase. By incorporating a payment gateway that covers a wide variety of payment methods, you can widen your sales as well.

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