Malicious Google Play Store Apps

A several Trojanized Malicious Google Play Store Apps have been discovered from different play store applications category that infected more than 2 Million Android users around the world.

Trojan Name as Android.RemoteCode.106.origin which is spreading via 9 Play store Apps which have been downloaded by at least 2,370,000 users and up to more than 11,700,000 users.

Nowadays Trojanized Android apps are increasing rapidly in the play store that always targets the innocent users who all are unaware of the malicious application and apps permission while installing the apps on their devices.

Some of Malicious Apps

Few days before New Android Malware called “Grabos”  Found in 144 Google Play apps that have been infected around 17.4 Million Android users.

These Trojanized applications are mainly used for increasing the website Traffic, installing the spyware, Performing phishing Attack and steal the confidential information.

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How Does this Malicious Google Play Store Apps Works

Initially, it performs a number of Checks in users device once the Trojan gets into the victims mobile.

According to Dr.Web Research, If an infected mobile device lacks a specific number of photos, contacts and phone calls in the call log, the Trojan does not act.

Ex Requirement:

  • At least 10 photos;
  • At least 3 entries in the phone log for the last three days;
  • At least 10 contacts with a phone number.

Trojan has a specific condition that is used to performing the malicious activities on the infected devices. once the conditions are met then it sends a specific request to Command and Control Server and it will following the instructions that have given by the Controller of the Malware.

One of the Trojan (Android.Click.200.origin) among these infected application Performing some automatic function that opens web browsers and specific website that has been given by the command and control server to generate a web Traffic.

Also, it’s open a phishing URL that will lead to steal the user information or download some more dangerous malware such as ransomware and spyware.

Later another one dubbed Trojan Android.Click.199.origin, ensures the operation of the third component and main task of Android.Click.199.origin is to download, launch, and update Android.Click.201.origin.

         "u":" " http://download********.top/click.php?cnv_id=[CLICK_ID]&payout=0.01
         "u":" " http://download********.top/click.php?cnv_id=[CLICK_ID]&cnv_status=[TIME]&payout=0.01
         "u":" }" http://download********.top/click.php?key=du7ww2dgf7uje503rvmd&pubid={pubid

Finally Android.Click.201.origin will again communicate with command and control server and open in invisible mode in Web View that receives a specific address which leads to clicks on the advertising banner indicated in the command or on an arbitrary element of the opened page.

the main purpose of Android.RemoteCode.106.origin is to download and launch additional malicious modules used to inflate website traffic stats, and also to follow advertising links. These actions bring cybercriminals a profit. In addition, the malicious program can be used to perform phishing attacks and steal confidential information.Dr.Web Said.

Trojanized Apps List

  • Sweet Bakery Match 3 – Swap and Connect 3 Cakes 3.0;
  • Bible Trivia, version 1.8;
  • Bible Trivia – FREE, version 2.4;
  • Fast Cleaner light, version 1.0;
  • Make Money 1.9;
  • Band Game: Piano, Guitar, Drum, version 1.47;
  • Cartoon Racoon Match 3 – Robbery Gem Puzzle 2017, version 1.0.2;
  • Easy Backup & Restore, version 4.9.15;
  • Learn to Sing, version 1.2.


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