The researchers discovered a dangerous black box attack tool called “KoffeyMaker” which is used by cybercriminals to steal money from ATM by connecting a laptop with the ATM machine cash dispenser.

An atm-based attack is discovered often around the world in the various form of operation by cybercriminals with sophisticated tools and they employing new tactics and techniques.

These incidents have been notified in European banks and they frequently reported in attacks since they were unclear how did this happen in their ATM.

After the detailed investigation was done by Kaspersky security research team confirmed that they were dealing with a black box attack.


Black box attack refers that cybercriminals opened the ATM and connect their laptop with the cash dispenser and simply leave the device inside.

This crime scene indicates that the “crime instrument” to be a laptop with ATM dispenser drivers and a patched KDIAG tool.

Later attacker gains the remote access through USB GPRS modem and they are using windows OS with XP, ME, or 7.

Cash out from ATM moments

Once everything goes well then cybercriminals returned to the ATM and pretending to normal ATM users in order to run the KDIAG tool by accomplished a remote connection with the laptop.

Later they provide an instructions to the dispenser to issue the cashout form ATM machine and they will retrieve the laptop on a later moment.

               ATM dispenser connected to a computer without the necessary drivers
According to Kaspersky, The whole operation could well be done solo, but the scheme whereby a “mule” handles the cash and ATM side, while a second “jackpotter” provides technical support for a share of the loot, is more common. 

Hardware encryption between ATM PC and its dispenser will be the better solution to prevent such attack but if it fails single ATM can spit out tens of thousands of dollars.

This attack is very similar to the earlier ATM based attack Cutlet Maker used by this new tool and Kaspersky Lab products detect as RiskTool.Win32.DIAGK.a and same tools used for various bank robbers.

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