Malwarebytes introduced a new Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox to block malicious websites and to filter unwanted contents.

It makes browsing safe by blocking pop-ups, browser hijackers, browser lockers, fake news contents, clickbait links and in-browser cryptocurrency miners.

Malwarebytes Lists Protection Features

Malware protection: Blocks malicious programs or code that can damage your system.

Scam protection: Blocks online scams, including technical support scams, browser lockers, and phishing.

Advertising/tracker protection: Blocks third-party ads and third-party ad trackers that monitor your online activity. The number of blocked ads/trackers for a website will show beside the Malwarebytes logo in your browser.

Clickbait protection: Blocks content and websites that often display behavior of questionable value.

Potentially unwanted program (PUP) protection: Blocks the downloading of potentially unwanted programs, including toolbars and pop-ups.

Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox

The extension is available with Chrome Webstore and Firefox Add-ons page. Installing the extension is simple and straightforward.

You can customize the protection features from the setting menu and with Allow list tab you can choose to allow the individual domains and IPs manually, in case if it is blocked.

When the extension blocks a site it shows warning “we strongly recommend you do not visit the site” and offers an explanation about the risk associated.

Malwarebytes says the most complaints or the extensions is false positives, “We hope to be able to announce the full, official version of the Malwarebytes Browser Extension soon.”

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