University of Manchester Cyber Attack – Hackers Stolen Sensitive Data

An alarming cyberattack has hit the University of Manchester, and the University confirmed this incident officially on June 9, 2023.

This unfortunate event likely resulted in threat actors’ unauthorized access, raising concerns about potential data exposure.

The University of Manchester has over 10,000 dedicated staff and 45,000 enrolled students. 

This University is UK’s one of the major and most successful public research institutes.

The University of Manchester Cyber Incident

The discovery of a breach in their systems has confirmed the infiltration by an attacker, raising concerns regarding the potential duplication of data.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that University is already working actively with internal security professionals and external support. 

This united collab will address the issue, accurately verify the affected systems, and restore the functionality of the systems in a timely manner.

While apart from this, the University has already informed this incident to the following authorities:-

  • Information Commissioner’s Office
  • National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • National Crime Agency

As of now, the members of the University are not mandated to reset their passwords. But it is strongly recommended to maintain a state of high alertness to mitigate phishing attacks.

The University cannot give specific answers yet about who carried out the attack or if any important research or personal information was taken. 

As they are still investigating the whole matter with security experts and assured that they would share all the key updates with the public once they have more information.

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