[jpshare]Security researcher Niels Croese found much new banking malware on Google Play, which has numerous new banking application focuses in its configurations.

Taking a look at the names of the exercises and other manifest items it appeared like an ordinary application with embedded malware.

Apparently, the app was updated recently (April 8, 2017) and this was most likely when the malware was added. I reported the app through their reporting system but at the time of writing it is still available on Google Play. Researcher told.

He found the sample application Funny Videos 2017 with Bankpot rules tagged with DexProtector(secure your Android applications and Android libraries (AARs) against unauthorized or illegal use).

Nowadays with social Engineering techniques, Fraudsters used to make people believe it is from trusted source and to steal their credentials.

New apps Injected with Banking malware found in Google Play Store

As should be obvious it appears to have 1k to 5k introduces, which isn’t much for a typical application, however a considerable amount of malware.

Malware App Targets

Since the DexProtector obfuscated APK takes more time to deobfuscate and most malware doesn’t update rapidly.

Later they chose to get a current BankBot test that wasn’t jumbled this intensely to get the deobfuscation schedule.They cleaned up the deobfuscation routine from the sample a bit and ended up with the source code.

By looking at the source Java code and running the program bringing about the deobfuscated information containing a rundown of all applications that are focussed.

The list consist of more banks than they expected contained some new Dutch targets including ABN, Rabobank, ASN, Regiobank, and Binck. A full list can be found on authors page.

Common Defences

  • Maintain the CIA cycle.
  • Don’t install the app from Untrusted source.
  • While installing careful check for App permissions.
  • Do have a Mobile security App.

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