A new collection of massive breached database freely distributed on hacker forums and torrents. The breached database contains a collection of 2.2 billion unique usernames and it’s passwords.

The database named Collections #2 to #5 contains 845GB of stolen data and contains 25 billion records in total.

The massive collection of the breached database was identified by security researcher Chris Rouland from torrented files. He said WIRED that the collection has already circulated widely among the underground hacker forums.

Rouland could see that the database has been downloaded for more than 1,000 times and seeded by more than 130 people.

Before two weeks a massive collection “Collection#1” found by security researcher Troy Hunt from MEGA cloud storage. The collection contains 773 million records and have merely 87GB of data.

According to WIRED, who analyzed the sample of the leaked data, the credentials appear to be valid and they from years-old leaks.

This Massive Data collection leads to the expose of email addresses and passwords which has been harvested from various other sources of different breaches of different timeframes were kept in a folder.

For those who concern that your accounts may have been compromised can use Have I Been Pwned to check that that your account information present in “Collection#1”, for Collections #2 to #5 you can check Hasso Plattner Institute tool.

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