Hackers Threaten Patients Following a Massive Cyberattack on a Hospital

One of the renowned hospitals in Israel became the victim of a data breach, and patients were blackmailed with a financial motive.

According to an Israel Hayom report, Maayanei HaYeshua Medical Center in Bnei Brak was attacked, and the sensitive data of most prominent politicians and others was breached.

The attack happened at the beginning of August, and now the cybercriminals are threatening the patients with their private medical records.

Mayanei HaYeshua suspected that information leaked when it was targeted by the Ranger Locker group earlier this month.

The exact amount of money demanded by the hackers has not yet been confirmed.  However, Sources tell Israel Hayom that the hackers demand tens of millions of shekels as a ransom.

Hundreds of thousands of digital information, including psychiatric evaluations and various examinations that may indicate private medical conditions among Haredi wheelers and dealers, were allegedly seized by the gang as a result of the breach.

Cyberattack on a Hospital

The cyber gang has issued an ultimatum to the hospital, threatening to release private medical records containing personal information if its demands are not granted. 

The hospital sent the following statement to Israel Hayom: “Over the past week, the cyber experts from the Health Ministry, the National Cyber Directorate, and the hospital have been investigating the attack, and this includes an evaluation as to the scope of the breach and its implications.”

There have been no negotiations of any kind with the hackers, and as we said right after the attack happened, this incident is financially motivated. 

After being approached by hackers, Health Minister Moshe Arbel released his personal health information to the public.

Instead of letting hackers extort him or expose the CT scan, he disclosed his private health information.

Actually, he had a CT scan and kidney screening before donating to a relative. However, that scan revealed a malignant kidney tumor, so Arbel had the organ removed immediately.

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