DDOS Attack

Danish rail travellers suffering to Impossible to Buy a Train Ticket due to heavy DDoS Attack on online ticket booking service system.

Attack made tough to buy a ticket by the passenger on the whole day and the Ticket booking system heavily flooded with Unknown Traffic from Multiple resources.

DDoS Attack (Distributed Denial of Service) is a type of attack which originates from multiple computers or devices. The Aim of DDoS Attack is when multiple systems overflow the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, usually one or more web servers.

Due to this Heavy DDoS on Denmark Railway Ticker booking system made impossible to purchase a ticket via the DSB app.

Not only the Mobile app but passenger could not even book the ticket on the website, at ticket machines and in 7-Eleven kiosks at the stations.

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Denmark Railway System’s internal mail and telephone systems used by DSB employees also ware affected due to this heavy DDoS Attack.

According to the cphpost, Rejsekort passengers were unaffected, and DSB allowed those customers without the travel card to buy tickets from staff on the trains.

These kinds of DDoS Attack Mail Motivation will be Ideology, Cyber-warfare, Business feuds, Extortion, Online Gaming.

DSB  spokesperson  Aske Wieth-Knudsen said We have all of our experts on the case, all systems were back to normal after the Officials mitigate the issue and block the loophole for this attack.

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