Locky Ransomware has a piece of a history of going silent and growing back all of a sudden.Security experts at Appriver detected this new campaign.

In span of 24 hours over 23 million messages sent out in the attack, which makes it one of the biggest malware campaign in latter half of 2017.

Locky Ransomware

Security experts detected this campaign on 28 August around 7 am CST.Email consist of any one of the following in subject lines.

  • please print
  • documents
  • photo
  • images
  • scans
  • pictures

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Each message accompanies a ZIP attachment that has a Visual Basic Script (VBS) document that is settled inside an arbitrary ZIP record. Once clicked, VBS record starts a downloader that connects with greatesthits[dot]mygoldmusic[dotcom] to pull down the most recent Locky Ransomware.
Locky Ransomware

Locky goes to work encoding every one of the records on the objective framework and adding [.]lukitus to the clients now encrypted files.Once all the victims documents have been encrypted by the attackers leave decoding guidelines by changing the desktop background to a picture with directions and additionally a HTML files on the desktop suitably named “Lukitus[dot]htm“.

Before this Comodo Threat Intelligence labs detected another variant of locky on August 19th as an attachment is an archive file, with the name “E 2017-08-09 (580).vbs.The attachement consist of a new member of the locky familiy IKARUSdilapidated.

Attackers uses social Engineering tricks to make the victims done as instructed which results in downloading the Trojan which encrypts the files.

Fatih Orhan, VP of Comodo Threat Intelligence Labs said “This latest ransomware phishing attack that commenced on August 9th was unique in its combination of sophistication and size, with botnet and over 11 thousand IP addresses from 133 countries involved in just the first stage of the attack.”

“Also he added When artificial intelligence couldn’t identify these unknown files, the full resources of the lab were needed to analyze and identify the code in the file and render a verdict”


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