Cyber Criminals abusing Bing Search results to delivery dangerous Malware when users try to download Google Chrome via Bing from brand new Windows computer.

Attackers deliver the malware using phishing site and it was appearing top of the result once user search as “Download Chrome” and it leads to land the phishing page that exactly looks like a Google Chrome Download page.

Whenever user searches to download the chrome, it should redirect them into but this ad result take you into “”, which is a real scam website.

A Twitter user Gabriel Landau, Initially experienced and reported to via Tweet where he says “Brand new Win10 laptop. Attempt to install Chrome. Almost get owned with my very first action.”

He was tried to install chrome for his brand new laptop through bing and he clicked the first result later realized that something went wrong in the downloaded file.

The URL has redirected him to  “”  site which is exactly cloned the Google Chrome download page.

Here Attackers trick users to click the download button and its deliver the file as ChromeSetup.exe “ which is same as original Chrome download file name.

But once we check the file Property, The digital sign mention the name as Alpha Criteria, which is not signed by Google and the originally signed file will name like Google.

When we check the malicious phishing link in Google Chrome, it marked as “deceptive site” but Bing and Edge failed to detect this phishing link.

Howtogeek analyzed this Link and said, Microsoft is apparently not verifying the web address the advertisement actually goes to. Bing is letting this advertisement lie people.

According to Bing Ads Team, the fake ad has been removed from Bing, and that the account associated with the malicious content has been banned.

It was unclear that why the ad was marked as from “,” and no assurance that the ad will not reappear again after a few months.

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