Azure Security Lab

Microsoft launched Azure Security Lab, a set of dedicated cloud hosts for researchers to confidently and aggressively test Azure vulnerabilities.

Azure is a cloud computing service used by several organizations for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. The Microsoft Azure is previously known as Windows Azure.

To make Azure exceptionally secure, Microsoft enhanced the maximum bounty reward for Azure vulnerabilities to $40,000.

Azure Security Lab

It is an isolated platform for security researchers to test against various IaaS attack scenarios and it is isolated from Azure customers.

“As well as offering a secure testing space, the lab program will enable participating researchers to engage directly with Microsoft Azure security experts.”

Now Microsoft started accepting applications for Azure Security Lab, now you can request Windows or Linux VM from the request form.

Only accepted individuals have “access to quarterly campaigns for targeted scenarios with added incentives, as well as regular recognition and exclusive swag.”

With the isolated platform, researchers can take a step forward and exploit them, instead of only researching the vulnerabilities.

“Microsoft is committed to ensuring our cloud is secure from modern threats. We built Azure with security in mind from the beginning, and work to help customers secure their Azure cloud environment with products such as Azure Sentinel and Azure Security Center.”

Azure Security Lab was announced by Microsoft at Black Hat 2019, the company “issued $4.4 million in bounty rewards over the past 12 months.”

You can find the Microsoft Azure Bounty Program for the new and increased rewards, also you can find current bounty program terms.

Bug Bounty Program is the part of every organization’s penetration testing plan, it provides the organization an opportunity to engage with a worldwide community.

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