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Recently, a hacker has claimed that he/she managed to steal more than 500GB of data from the tech giant Microsoft’s private GitHub repositories.

By observing the timestamps in the files that the hacker has published, indicates that the alleged hack could have occurred on March 28, 2020. 

On Wednesday evening, May 6, 2020, someone named as ‘Shiny Hunters’ have contacted the BleepingComputer security portal and clearly announced that they had hacked a Microsoft’s Private GitHub repositories.

Moreover, the hacker, ‘Shiny Hunters’ told the BleepingComputer security portal that they have stolen more than 500 GB of private projects from the company’s private GitHub repositories with the intention of selling them, but somehow they changed their mind and decided to publish this data for free.

Microsoft’s Private Repositories Leaked

As a teaser, the hacker offers 1 GB of data on one of the hacker forums for registered users, but, somehow the members of the forum doubt the authenticity of the leak. As some leaked files contain Chinese texts, links to, which is very unusual. Thus, the members on that hacker forum felt the data is not real.

Some catalog files and sample repositories provided by the hacker to the BleepingComputer portal mainly contain code samples, test projects, eBooks, and other general data. Other repositories are more interesting, as they contain ‘wssd cloud agent,’ ‘The Rust/WinRT language projection,’ and ‘PowerSweep PowerShell.’ 

Ultimately, nothing serious has been leaked, and the tech giant Microsoft has nothing to worry about. According to security experts of the information security company, “Under the Breach,” this hack will not have any special consequences for the company, so there is not much to worry about.

But, the Cyber intelligence company, Under the Breach, has expressed their concern about the possible compromise of API keys and passwords left by the developers in projects, as happened before.

Apart from this, in a commentary of the security firm, ‘Under the Breach’ tweet that a Microsoft employee said the leak was most likely fake, as the company made it a rule to open all its repositories within 30 days.

Moreover, the tech giant Microsoft has clearly stated to BleepingComputer that they are aware of these claims and are already investigating this matter.

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