Mirai Variant launched continues DDoS in unnamed college in U.S  and it performed  54 Hours continuously  and  researchers believe it is a new variant of Mirai, one that is “more adept at launching application layer assaults.”

Researchers informed the Traffic flow around “30,000 RPS and peaked at around 37,000 RPS” and it is on of the hight amount of bots performed attack around  “2.8 Billion Requests” in Mirai botnet History .

Researcher’s watched a pool of attacking devices typically connected with Mirai, for example, CCTV cameras, DVRs and switches.

Assault movement began from 9,793 IPs around the world, however 70% of the botnet activity originated from 10 nations,During the 54-hour DDoS attack on the college.


Researchers from Imperva Incapsula said ,

The DDoS bots used in the attack were hiding behind different user-agents than the five hardcoded in the default Mirai version. This–and the size of the attack itself–led us to believe that we might be dealing with a new variant, which was modified to launch more elaborate application layer attacks.

Attack Origin Nations

Image source :Imperva Incapsula

The U.S. topped the rundown by having 18.4 percent of the botnet IPs. Israel was next with 11.3 percent, trailed by Taiwan with 10.8 percent.

The staying seven nations of the main 10 were India with 8.7 percent, Turkey with 6 percent, Russia with 3.8 percent, Italy and Mexico both with 3.2 percent, Colombia with 3 percent and Bulgaria with 2.2 percent of the botnet activity.

Less than a day after the initial assault ended, another one began that lasted for an hour and a half with an average traffic flow of 15,000 RPS, Imperva Incapsula said .

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SOURCEImperva Incapsula


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