Thursday, February 22, 2024

MITRE Reveals EMB3D, a Threat Model for Embedded Devices in Critical Infrastructure

Red Balloon Security, Narf Industries, and MITRE collaborated to create the EMB3D Threat Model, which offers a shared knowledge of the risks embedded devices experience and the security measures needed.

The EMB3D model is a comprehensive framework that focuses specifically on embedded devices.

It incorporates a range of security standards such as Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), MITRE ATT&CK, and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE), but goes beyond these by taking into account the unique challenges posed by embedded systems, including their diverse field environments and the ways in which they can be exploited through proofs-of-concept and theoretical research.

In short, the EMB3D model is a powerful tool for identifying and addressing security risks in embedded devices across a range of contexts.

EMB3D Threat Model for Embedded Devices

The EMB3D framework aims to offer a comprehensive solution for all stakeholders in the security ecosystem, including asset owners, manufacturers, device vendors, security researchers, and testing companies.

The framework is designed to facilitate efficient and effective security assessments of devices, systems, and networks, with a focus on ensuring that all parties involved have access to the necessary information and tools to conduct thorough assessments.

This includes detailed technical specifications, testing methodologies, and guidelines for reporting and remediation of vulnerabilities. Ultimately, the goal is to promote greater security and trust in the ever-evolving landscape of connected devices and systems.

ICS device manufacturers can leverage the EMB3D model to gain early insights into the evolving threat landscape and available mitigation strategies, thereby facilitating the development of more robust and secure devices.

“The EMB3D framework stands as a perfect example of MITRE’s role as both an innovator and a connector, working hand-in-hand with industry leaders to develop cutting-edge tools,” said Beth Meinert, senior vice president and general manager.

EMB3D is anticipated to be launched at the beginning of 2024. This resource will be available to everyone as an open community platform, allowing the security community to make contributions towards updates and modifications.


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