Ways to Protect Your ISP from Monitoring Your Online Activity

To some people having their internet service provider monitoring their online activity isn’t that much of a big deal, but in reality, it’s a huge privacy issue that you absolutely should be concerned about.

Internet usage and how companies gather, use and sell our data is slowly eroding our basic right to privacy and your internet service provider is helping this erosion of our human right by monitoring your activity, so we’re here to help.

Follow our guidance for ways to protect your browsing from your internet service provider and good VPN provider unblock sites like Facebook.

What Does Your ISP Track?

It may not seem like a lot to some, but the lists of data that ISP’s have on each of us is quite something. Lists can include but are not limited to the dates and time you use the internet, your location when you use the internet, which websites or services you visit and the content of websites and downloads.


It may not seem like a huge amount of information, but at any given point any government can issue your ISP with a warrant demanding to see any information they have on you, or even just look without a warrant because the data is there to be looked at.

But we need to look at the bigger picture, this isn’t about what type of data they have on us, it’s how they use the data and the fact that time and time again, big organizations have shown that they cannot be trusted to look after our data, with breaches, leaks and hacks happening pretty much every week. 

Get Used To Being Anonymous

It may seem like a few adverts, but the number of data points required to choose which adverts to show which users are staggering and if you aren’t anonymous online, it’s your ISP telling other businesses what it is you are searching for.

Get a VPN or virtual private network; it hides all of your actions online so that you aren’t subject to targeted marketing that you didn’t ask for in the first place. A VPN also means you can unblock sites like Facebook from countries that block it.

A VPN will also stop dead your ISP’s ability to track and monitor your Online Activity. Like with everything in life, not all VPNs are created equally. Carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure that the VPN you are selecting does not have a logging policy, this means that no one will be monitoring what you do.

Use Proxy Protocol

This may be new to some people but it is the oldest trick in the book for stopping your ISP from seeing what you are up to online. The HTTPS protocol encrypts your data and hides your IP address when you use this proxy.

Whilst it isn’t as secure as a VPN, it adds another needed layer to your internet security and will help keep your anonymity intact. Be warned though, whilst HTTPS is free and hides your IP, this can be uncovered by the server owner, so using a VPN as well as will ensure multilayer security.

Don’t Settle For Google Chrome

Did you know there are other search engines and browsers out there? Instead of using a browser that is more than happy to not only collect your data and allow your internet service provider to collect and sell your data, why not use one who wants to keep your data private.

TOR is one of the main browsers that will keep your data encrypted and away from your ISP so your activity can’t be traced.

It Isn’t Just About Your Laptop

If you have other devices connect to your router at home, it isn’t just the laptop or computer that your ISP will be monitoring Online Activity, it will be all devices connected to that network.

Likewise, mobile providers also monitor user’s Online Activity, so when you get a VPN make sure that it will cover all devices, not just the laptops. You can now even purchase products that will protect your router which makes sure that all activity in your home cannot be monitored.

Final Thoughts

Data is one of the largest markets now out there and companies want more of it than ever before. These are the same companies that consistently fail to protect our data and allow it to be hacked, lost, misused and sold off. ISP’s are constantly collecting our data and storing it and if we don’t protect ourselves against it then we are at their mercy for when they inevitably have a huge breach or hack.

Follow our guidelines to protect yourself from your internet service provider and keep your anonymity online and ensure that they don’t have the opportunity to track and monitor your activities and also your families.


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