Moscow’s first ever cable car system was forced to shut down within two hours after the launch. Cybercriminals hacked into the cable car system and infected with ransomware.

The cyber attack forced all the passengers to leave the cable car and the police reported that the cable car will no longer work.

An unknown person sent a message to the head of the Moscow Cable Cars operating company and asked to pay the ransom in bitcoins for decrypting the files that required for cable operators.

According to the letter sent, the ransom payment will vary based on how fast the car operating company respond to the letter sent by the attacker, reported Russian media.


Ransomware is one of the fast Growing threat in the worldwide and its considered as a leader of the Global cyber attack in recent days which cause some dangerous issues and loss in many organizations and individuals.

“A video on the Rossiiskaya Gazeta government daily’s website showed a police officer telling people waiting in line that the cable car would not reopen “for technical reasons.”

The cable car system not yet resumed the operations, operators did not provide any estimated time when the issue will be resolved.

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