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Most Wanted Linkedin Hacker gets Extradition from Czech Court

Most Wanted Linkedin Hacker gets Extradition from Czech Court, the court didn’t define to which country it is.

AleksandrovichNikulin was captured while on vacation in Prague in October 2016, in view of a global warrant issued by the US. The FBI blamed Nikulin for hacking LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Formspring in the traverse of five months in 2012.

Some of this information wound up on the web, by means of sites like LeakedSource. Nevertheless, he has over and over denied all allegations.

Through his legal advisors and Russian authorities, Nikulin asserted to have no PC skills.They say Nikulin was not a hacker and that his life spun around purchasing and offering luxury cars.

Nikulin’s Russian legal advisor, Vladimir Makeyev, said Nikulin was “useless with computers” and, a long way from being a super-programmer was equipped for checking his email and no more.

Nikulin Claims FBI demanded to admit hacks 

FBI Special Agent Jeffrey Miller, proof depends on “witness interviews including secret sources, ISP records, court-approved electronic interceptions, and different sources”.

A portion of the electronic captures were messages from the Gmail record of Alexei Belan who is Top 10 FBI’s most wanted list.

Nikulin wrote in a letter from jail that Miller requested him to concede hacking the DNC servers and guaranteed him good treatment on the off chance that he acknowledged competing.

But he dismisses the offer. His legal counselor showed that Nikulin was not a programmer, but rather only a victim of an FBI plot.

Mark Galeotti, a senior security specialist at the Institute of International
Relations Prague says "An FBI agent traveling from the US to a third country as
part of an extradition request is extremely unusual and highlights that the case
is seen as significant," Galeotti said to Guardian.

As indicated by US authorities, these hacks have channeled cash into Nikulin’s lavish life. Russian media has archived Nikulin’s way of life in articles, exhibiting his cars and friendship with different offspring of the Russian political elite.

Then again, Nikulin contended that he profited as a mechanic, by buying and selling cars, and not from hacking.

Nikulin has stopped an interest against the relocation choice, and his case will go to the Czech High Court for another arrangement of hearings.

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