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Multiple malicious iOS Fitness Tracker apps caught stealing users money by abusing Apple’s Touch ID feature. The apps involved in such malicious activity are “Fitness Balance app” and “Calories Tracker app”.

Those bogus apps uploaded to the Apple App Store recently and they promise users to give away for a healthier lifestyle by tracking daily calorie intake and BMI.

Once the user installed the apps and starts for the first time, it asks users for a fingerprint scan to set up their personalized calorie tracker and diet recommendations.

According to ESET researcher Stefanko, who analyzed the apps said that, if the user places the fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner then the app displays a display a pop-up for seconds showing a dodgy payment amounting to 99.99, 119.99 USD or 139.99 EUR.

The pop-up displays just only for seconds, if the user has credit or debit card directly connected with their Apple account then the transaction got verified and the money will be sent to the operator behind the scam.

Based on the functionality and the design, both of the iOS Fitness Tracker apps created by the same developer, Sefanko added.

If the users refuse to scan their finger “Fitness Balance app” and it will trigger another pop-up with continue button, if the users click on the continue button and it will repeat the unreliable payment method.

Fitness Balance app have received have received multiple 5-star ratings and has an average rating of 4.3 stars, the scammers post fake reviews to increase the application reputation.

Reddit user posted videos on “Fitness Balance app” and “Calories Tracker app”, describing how the apps stealing payments from users.

Now the apps have been removed from the play store and the users who fell victim of this scam can get refunds from Apple App Store.

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