A erious Misconfiguration flaw that discovered in NASA internal App JIRA leaked sensitive internal data to the public and anyone can access the exposed data.

JIRA is a project management system that powered by Atlassian that allows bug tracking and agile project management.

Leaked data contains very sensitive information including internal user details, project details, employee names, employees mail id .

An uncovered misconfiguration with couple of settings in JIRA system that deployed within the NASA network to manage the employees and project information.

It allow any one in the internet can able to access the NASA internal data and also it provide an application access to cyber criminals.

A researcher who have been discovered this serious flaw in NASA internal system reported that the issue was due to the wrong permissions assigned to them.

The process of applying a filter in the dashboard that gives access to an internal employee when setting the visibility to “All users” and “Everyone” respectively.

But this misconfiguration flaw allows the data to share everyone on the public that means everyone can access to the NASA internal data.

Along with this, public users can change the functionality in Jira to gain complete list of employees user name and password.

According to Researcher, This information disclosure is the result of an authorization misconfiguration in Jira’s Global Permissions settings. Because of the wrong permissions scheme, the following internal information appeared to be vulnerable:

  • all account’s employees’ names and emails,
  • employees’ roles through JIRA groups,
  • current projects, upcoming milestones through JIRA dashboards/filters.

NASA Exposed Data

Using this Misconfiguration flaw, he found the complete list of every NASA user’s username and email address by using a JIRA picker functionality, Also he shared a screenshot (first line) there are in total of 1000 NASA internal user details.

” Additionally, it can give an attacker an idea of what kind of information may be housed within the application and what projects team is working upon along with showing features of different projects. Researcher said,.

During this exploitation research, he was able to access some of the highly sensitive information of NASA such as internal user details, project details, employee names, employees mail id etc.

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