Nowadays  ATM Based Cyber Attacks are Evolving with Much More Advance methods and Functions via Sophisticated Malware especially through Network Based ATM Malware Attacks that Play Major Role in Digital ATM Related Cyber Attacks.

Traditions physical attempt of emptying ATM is considering as Outdated Method Since Cyber Criminals are Actively Attempting ATM Network by Simply Distribution Advance Malware Families.

At Present Logical Attempts To ATM that considering as an emerging threat by the Cyber Security Industries.

Last Few Years Many ATM Based Malware is Discovered by Security Researchers and various Successful incidents that Compromise the ATM was Documented.

This New Digital Malware Based Attempt is most Safer and easier way to Compromise the ATM that can lead to Steal Money and Card Information.

According to Trend Micro Report By physical, we mean opening the target machine’s casing, accessing the motherboard and connecting USB drives or CD-ROMs in order to infect the operating system.Once infected, the ATM is at the attackers’ mercy, which normally means that they are able to empty the money cassettes and walk away with fully loaded wallets.

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How Does  Network Based ATM Malware Attacks Steal ATM Cash

Unlike Physical ATM Based Attacks,  Network-Based Malware Attacks Helps More to Cyber Criminals to Initiate easily and Successfully gain Access to the ATM would Means Hackers don’t have to go to the machines anymore.

A Well Planned Bank Network is completely Separate from ATM Network that could  Make very Complicate to Hackers to Gain Access to one would not mean gaining admission to the other network.

In This Case, Gaining Network Access is not a simple thing and it needs a lot more Technical knowledge Because Attacker needs to Compromise the Bank Network to gain Access the ATM Network.

Trend Micro State that, Unfortunately, not all banks implement network segmentation. Some reported incidents have even demonstrated how, despite the two networks being separated, criminals could establish a solid foothold in a bank’s main network and use it to install malware on the bank’s ATMs

So Hackers Initially spreading highly Sophisticated Malware Via Spam and Phishing Emails to Employees that could be an Initially Moment for the Attacker to Gian access to Sub-Network of Bank.

Already Sending ATM Malware can Bypass the Victims Machine and Gathering the Information of Admin Credentials that will Mostly Help to get the Attacker into the Bank Network.

Later Moment Attack will Collect the ATM Network Information to get into the ATM Network and gain The Remote Access to the Targeted ATM.

ATM Malware always Having the Capabilities such gain the ATM Model Information ATM manufacturer type and Other Relevant information for Success Attack.

Finally Compromised ATM’s Will be Instructed by the Attacker Remotely to dispensing cash Through Command & Controlled Server.

Especially One major factor is the use of an outdated operating system (OS) such as Windows XP® that cannot receive security patches anymore. Another reason can be found in the increasing sophistication of criminals and their realization that the digital way is less risky and that it allows them to move around more stealthily.

Another reason can be found in the increasing sophistication of criminals and their realization that the digital way is less risky and that it allows them to move around more stealthily.Trend Micro Said.


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