Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a graphical tool for testing Web application security. The tool is composed in Java and created by PortSwigger Security.

Burp Scanner is composed of industry-driving penetration testers. Burp Scanner incorporates a full static code investigation engine for the discovery of security vulnerabilities.

Burp’s scanning logic is persistently refreshed with upgrades to guarantee it can locate the most recent vulnerabilities.

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New with Burp Suite Version 1.7.30

With the Burp Suite Version 1.7.30, they added granular configurations which allows to select scan type or individually and for Individual scan you can even select detection methods which make the job easier and saves time.

For example, in scan type, before there be only option “server-side code injection” and now we can select individually (“PHP code injection,” “Perl code injection,” etc.).

Also with the new update issues are subdivided into the light, medium, and intrusive based upon the vulnerability nature.

Burp Suite

If you select individual issues, then you have options to choose the detection methods, and it gives complete control and customization methods.

Burp Suite

Minor Enhancements

1. Cancel Button for Long-running scans.
2. New option for SSL / TLS Negotiation to disable SSL session resume.
3. “Copy as curl command” function no longer ignores any request headers.
4. A bug that caused automatically added SSL pass-through entries not to appear in the UI config has been fixed.

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