DDoS and Malware attacks are nowadays frequently launching by cybercriminals and the cloud service are also targeting to compromise the exfiltrate the sensitive data.

Since we are storing very important and sensitive files in the cloud, we have to make sure the files will be stored completely in the encrypted format.

And the cloud service providers are enabling the future too by accessing their file that stored in the cloud using an app or software installed on your computer and you can access it via the Internet.

Storing data in the cloud and choosing best Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the very important concern nowadays to secure the sensitive files and storing data in cloud refers to storing the files somewhere instead of storing it into a personal computer or hard drive.

At the same time, we need to concern about the security measure that implemented by the Cloud VPS Provider such as Skysilk in order to protect your data from and ensure the secure hosting.

SkySilk Cloud Services provide is one of the best Cloud VPS Provider with Built-In DDoS Protection and Anti-Virus to prevent heavy DDoS attacks and sophisticated malware-based attacks.

 Prevention From DDoS Attacks

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack aims to exhaust the resources of a network, application or service so that genuine users cannot gain access.

Protect website from future attacks Also Check your Companies DDOS Attack Downtime Cost.

There are different types of DDoS attacks are mostly targeting the cloud services are below

  • Volumetric attacks — These attacks aim to overwhelm a network’s infrastructure with bandwidth-consuming traffic or resource-sapping requests.
  • TCP state-exhaustion attacks — Attackers use this method to abuse the stateful nature of the TCP protocol to exhaust resources in servers, load balancers, and firewalls.
  • Application layer attacks — The target of these attacks is some aspect of an application or service at Layer 7.

In this case, All communications with Skysilk VPS hosting service providing in-built DDoS Protection transmitted over SSL (HTTPS) for both access to the public website as well as the Internal API.

Also Skysilk using Fail2Ban pre-installed that strongly mitigate brute force and offer DDOS prevention per VPS.

Cloud-based Malware Attack Prevention

Anti-virus protection is one of the most important concern to prevent the sophisticated malware attacks and ransomware attack for cloud services.

Skysilk Cloud VPS Provider is very concern about this case and offering highly secured VPS service with the most affordable price and Skysilk offer cloud storage starting for $1.00/m.

Cloud antivirus services all work the same way a small agent or client piece of software runs on each desktop and makes a connection to the central monitoring server in the cloud.

so when users access Skysilk cloud VPS services no need to worry about turning off protection software or forgetting to install the latest virus signatures.

In this case, cloud computing solutions install only a small “client” program on a desktop, which in turn connects to the security provider’s Web service.

In-built antivirus cloud protection is growing as both well-known and startup security companies take advantage of distributed cloud computing technology to provide improved protection against cyber threats.

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