Data Breach

Nissan Data Breach – 53,000+ Employees Data Stolen

Nissan says that the personal information of more than 53,000 workers has been stolen.

The huge automaker is now taking proactive steps to help those who have been affected and limit the damage that could occur from the stolen data.

Detail of the Breach

Nissan just recently said that private employee information was stolen and accessed without permission because of a cyberattack.

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Unfortunately, the company hasn’t said exactly what information was stolen, but it is thought to include names, addresses, and maybe even bank information.

Because of the breach, Nissan gives all affected workers full fraud assistance services.

Experian is a significant provider of fraud assistance and remediation services, and the company has teamed up with them to offer a free 24-month membership to Experian’s IdentityWorks.

Experian IdentityWorks Membership

Members of Experian IdentityWorks can use several important tools to protect and recover the identities of people whose identities were compromised:

  • Employees who sign up for an Experian Credit Report can see what information is linked to their credit file.
  • Online members can get their credit reports every day.
  • Credit tracking means checking your Experian files for signs of fraud.
  • Get help immediately from Identity Restoration workers to deal with credit and non-credit fraud.
  • Support for Identity Restoration that lasts even after the membership has ended.
  • Up to $1 Million Identity theft insurance covers some costs and electronic fund moves that aren’t supposed to happen.
  • Employees who are affected are asked to use the available free credit services.

Employees should do the following to initiate the membership and start keeping an eye on personal information:

  • Sign up by August 30, 2024: The code will no longer work after this date.
  • Visit to learn more about Experian IdentityWorks.
  • The employees should use the code given in the notice letter.

Employees can call Experian’s customer service line at 833-931-6266 until August 30, 2024, if they have any questions about the product, need help restoring their name, or want to know about other ways to enroll.

As proof that they are eligible for the name restoration services, they should be ready to give the engagement number B120412.

Nissan has told its workers that there is no evidence yet that their personal information has been misused.

However, the company stresses how important it is to sign up for the services they offer to protect against possible abuse.

Employees who think their information has been used illegally can call 833-931-6266 to get more help from an Experian agent.

The Nissan data breach shows how dangerous cyberattacks are becoming and how important it is to have strong data security measures.

The company is taking many steps to help the workers who were affected, but this event is a stark reminder of how vulnerable the digital world is today.

Nissan’s proactive approach to giving full fraud assistance and identity protection services is a key step in reducing the damage from this breach.

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