Nokia 9

Nokia released updates to fix Nokia 9 PureView’s unreliable in-display fingerprint sensor, but the update turns buggy.

After the update, multiple users complained that the phone can be bypassed now with an unregistered fingerprint or with a Chewing Gum Packet.

The Nokia 9 Fingerprint Scanner wasn’t reliable and the update was provided to address the scanner’s poor performance.

But the update results in the security flaw, which allows anyone to bypass the phone using a chewing gum packet, unregistered fingerprints, coin, and leather gloves.

Another user reported that flaw exists with Fingerprint Scanner, even before the update.

The latest update Pie Build v4.22C made the bug worse than it was, it allows strangers to bypass the phone.

We believe HMD will fix them right away, possibly the problem relies on the tweaked algorithm which unlocks the device if certain conditions are met.

In the meantime, users are recommended to use different authentication method such as PIN, password or facial recognition.

Earlier this month, a security flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 ultrasonic biometric fingerprint scanner was bypassed by just having the duped 3D Printed Fingerprint of the mobile owner.

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